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Srđan Sretenović (Belgrade, Serbia) is a renowned Serbian cellist, composer of pieces for cello and electric cello and a distinguished Professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, whose passion for music has also extended into the field of conducting since 2018. As a solo cellist, he has performed with many symphony orchestras, including the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Camerata Serbica, Makris Symphony Orchestra, Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, Bolshoi Festival Symphony Orchestra and the Euphony Orchestra from Graz, Austria. 

Srdjan is a cellist and a member of the artistic council of Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble. 

He has performed as a soloist with the chamber orchestra St. George Strings, Camerata Academica chamber orchestra from Novi Sad, RTS Symphony Orchestra, Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, Serbian Army Symphony Orchestra and Collegium Musicum choir.

In 2005, Srdjan was the finalist of the International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade. He has received multiple awards from Muzika Klasika magazine and the Aleksandar Pavlović Award with the Construction SiteContemporary Music Ensemble.

Srdjan regularly performs at Serbian and international music festivals, including Cello Fest, BEMUS, A-TEMPO, NOMUS, NIMUS, Days of Mokranjac and International Review of Composers in Belgrade.

Since 2015, he has also practiced composing, one of his most notable pieces being Four Songs from an Illusive Motion Picture for cello and string orchestra, which was premiered in November 2018 with St. George Strings at RTS Gallery in Belgrade.

Srdjan is the founder and artistic director of Cellothon Music Festival, which was first held in October 2019 in Belgrade. He is also the founder and artistic director of the Thirteen Strings Chamber Ensemble, with which he has published the CD Komadi vremena (Fragments of Time) and has given string quartet and string orchestra performances at Kvartetijada festival, Festival in Honour of Predrag Milošević in Knjaževac, Days of Mokranjac, International Review of Composers in Belgrade and BEMUS Festival.

Srdjan Sretenović has recorded for the Belgrade Radio and TV, the Construction Site Ensemble, as well as for the CD production of the Music Information Centre and the Serbian Musicological Society. 

Srdjan works as an Associate Professor at the String Instruments Department of the Belgrade Faculty of Music. 

Moskow) and Prof. David Takeno (Guildhall School for Drama and Music, London).
He has won a great number of first prizes in national and international competitions, for example the International Competition "Petar Konjovic" in Belgrade. He was a finalist of the
"Jeunesses Musicales" International Competition in 2005 in Belgrade.

Srdjan is a solo cellist of the chamber orchestra St. George Strings (Belgrade), Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra (Podgorica) and Makris Symphony Orchestra (Belgrade). He is a member of The Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble from Belgrade. Srdjan performs in duo with  pianist Neda Hofman. Their concerts are viewed as “excellent, precise playing” and their performance as a proof of “their reputation as virtuosic artist of an extraordinary technique” (St. Heise, Allgemeine Zeitung); “…they displayed a masterful technique and sound coloration as well as a wide range of emotions” (O. Djokovic, Frankfurt News). Their repertoire consists of both standard, classical pieces and those of Serbian and foreign contemporary composers.

As an outstanding representative of  Serbian cellists, he has participated in the "International Review of Composers" in Belgrade, in a festival "Musica Viva", and in an international festival "Cello Fest" which took place from 2003 to 2011 in Belgrade.

Srdjan works as an associate violoncello professor at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, String Instruments Department.

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